Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who was Ida May Fuller?

Ida May Fuller was the first Social Security recipient.

She is a case study in socialized  medicine, too.   She is a case study in socialized anything!

Be assured that Miss Fuller did nothing wrong.  She was just the first Social Security recipient and is an example of what can happen with socialized healthcare, too.

Facts about Miss Fuller:

  • She contributed $22 in taxes from 1937 to 1939.
  • She retired in November 1939.
  • She received her first Social Security check in January 1940.  That check was for $22.54.
  • She died in 1974 after have received $20,944.42 in benefits.
  • She never married and never had children.
  • She lived with a niece.
  • She lived to be 100.
  • She contributed to Social Security for less than three years.

Are there any “Ida May Fullers” out there who will be receiving socialized medicine?   The answer is YES!   They are the immigrants both legal and illegal will come to this country.  It will be the extended family members who will be sponsored into this country by their children who immigrated and became citizens.  These older people will be “Ida May Fullers”.

Who will pay for it?   The workers and the taxpayers.

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