Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dems poised to lose Senate seats

The Democrats are poised to lose U.S. Senate seats in — Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana and North Dakota, says pollster Rasmussen. 

This came from Rasmussen’s web site at

The pollster believes the Democrats will hold onto the Senate:

…there are just nine states currently in the Toss-Up category. Outside of the Toss-Ups, current projections indicate that Democrats can probably count on having 49 Senate seats after Election Day, while Republicans will hold 42.

Conservatives need to win eight (8) of the nine toss up races to take over the Senate.

One Senate race that should be watched.  Barbara Boxer (D-CA.) leads former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina by 48% to 43%.  Some 5% says they would vote for some other candidate and 5% are undecided.  It does not look good for Fiorina, whose conservative credentials are not that good.

Tea Party members need to support

these races now.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Obama economist melts down on Cavuto Show

Obama spent a TRILLION DOLLARS and has produced no net jobs gained.

When Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Channel put that question to Obama’s chief economist his answer was to obfuscate and to change the subject.  Then when Cavuto pressed on the subject, he reverted to swearing.

This is the Obama economy:

  • On Friday the Dow ended the week down 400 points!
  • June unemployment was up by 125,000. LINK
  • 500,000 jobless workers stopped receiving unemployment payments.  They ran out of benefits.
  • The unemployment rate rose to 9.5% only because of the 500,000 workers lost their benefits.
  • The state of Illinois stopped paying it’s bills.  LINK
  • 7.9 million jobs have been lost.  It’s likely many will never come backLINK

Friday, July 2, 2010

Obama’s Approval: Long-term trends

President Barrack Obama has reverted to the campaign mode. 

This became apparent Thursday in his “major speech” on immigration.

Fox News analysts say that Obama is in the campaign mode.  This week besides his campaign style exaggerations about the failing economy, Obama seems to be reverting to what he believes worked for him in 2008.  

Just maybe it won’t work this time.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that:

The economy shed jobs in June as meager private-sector hiring failed to make up for the end of thousands of temporary census worker jobs, the latest signal that an already-slow recovery might be shifting into an even lower gear.

The graphic on he web site was more telling. LINK

The Journal added:

The unemployment rate declined to 9.5% from 9.7% in May, but not because more jobs were available. Instead, 652,000 workers dropped out of the labor force, meaning they weren't counted as unemployed and looking for work.

The Rasmussen Poll reported that only 29% of the voters believe that Obama Stimulus helped the economy.   Some 43% believe it harmed the economy.

Perhaps what really turned Obama to the campaign mode was his poll ratings.  Rasmussen stepped back today and showed a graphic of Obama’s ratings going back to January 2009.  Here it is:

Rasmussen Approval Index

Obama has hit a new low.  If the ratings get any lower, will they go off the  chart?

Mark Steyn said it best

Journalist Mark Steyn, who blogs and writes columns for the London (U.K.) Telegraph, said it best.

“Where Nice Obama got us”.  His blog outlines all the failures of the Obama regime and the  feckless NATO allies.   Read it here. LINK

“MARK STEYN: Why would Ahmadinejad take [Obama] seriously when even Karzai flips him the finger?“