Monday, October 17, 2011

Has liberal politics all but replaced God?

Both national and local government have become more pervasive and intrusive. Many people see these entities as their "salvation" and many more have turned away from the time-honored religion of the past.

Is this a temporary phenomenon or is socialized government, healthcare, and group thinking replacing God?

It's all in the propaganda machine and who controls it. For several decades the liberals have controlled television, newspapers, and motion picture entertainment. Almost every facet of media is laden with propaganda trumpeting the liberal agenda.

The ruling elites can and do create a false sense that they through the government can do everything from create life-giving miracles, save the planet, to producing a pseudo-jesus and pseudo “mother mary”.

Take the example of Barack Obama who came onto the national scene suddenly in 2007. Too suddenly for anyone to know much about Obama. Does he make the perfect "jesus" with a slogan Hope and Change? Lady Gaga emerged at almost the same time. Could she be the "mother mary" of the Information-Instant-Gratification Age? They all have a political message that leans far to the left.

The propaganda elites can -- when it is expedient -- allow them to be pseudo-crucified and move on to another set of pseudo-religious icons.

The propaganda machine can create devils and demons and super heroes. Adolph Hitler is the demon while Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Karl Marx, and Mao are heroes to some. They were all responsible for millions of deaths. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, who have set up or led brutal mind-numbing dictatorships are heroes to others.

Many ordinary people have given over their children to be educated by these godless elite. This blogger sees them emerging as little carbon-copy "pseudo-disciples" with song, "texting", and mind-altering drugs to create that smoky, pseudo-religious euphoria that becomes like a group hypnotic trance.

We see this in the mindless rhetoric of these pseudo disciples in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Is the NFL, NBA, and MLB part of the pseudo-fulfillment (distraction)  needed to make all this work?

Pat Caddell commented on the night of the 2008 presidential election that "liberal politics trumps religion".

This may be more true than we want to believe.

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