Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama: Does he resent Cambridge Cops?

Does the president of the United States have a long-standing grudge against Cambridge Police that goes back to his college days?

Maybe.  Who knows what is in a man’s mind?  But the facts seem to cast doubt on Obama.   POTUS was the recipient of 17 parking tickets while he was a student at Harvard.  He paid all but 15 of them.  Here’s the story…. (CLICK ON THIS LINK)

The question that started the entire brouhaha was the last question in the prime-time news conference on Health Care.  It was later reported that the question was carefully staged by Obama.  His answer was thought out before hand.

Does Obama hold a grudge?  One thing is for sure: Obama was a scofflaw for more than a decade until the media embarrassed him to pay up.

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