Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lloyd Doggett: Did he fib to MSNBC?

Long-time Democratic Congressman from Austin, Texas,  believes the Republicans bushwhacked him.

He faced yesterday a group of inquiring voters and protestors in Austin at a town hall meeting  on Obama-Care.   He didn’t get the softball questions he expected.

He later appeared on MSNBC and called the whole affair staged by the Republicans.  What?  Hey, Rep. Doggett, you are playing in a heavily Democratic district.  What Republicans?

Watch this video to see if Rep. Doggett fibbed.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett on MSNBC

Rep. Doggett said these people were bused in from somewhere else.  Rep. Doggett have you see the Rasmussen poll.  Could it be that some of your constituents are not on board with Obama-care, too?

The liberal Democrats just don’t get it!

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