Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An update on Obama-Care

BREAKING: Charles Krauthhammer, whose words are always carefully weighed, believes Obama-Care 1.0 will die.  He suggested a Obama-care 2.0 to replace it.  LINK to Krauthhammer article.

At this point, I still believe some form Obama-care will become law.  The Democrats have the votes.  They can ram it through.  Whether that benefits them in the long run is debatable.

Liberal Dynasty

But consider this: Obama-Care will be the Democrat’s flagship program like Social Security was 60 years ago.  No matter how bad it is; the liberal media will provide cover.  Democrats will tout their socialized medicine as the beginning of their socialist workers paradise. 

At every national election, Democrats will scare voters by claiming that if they (the Democrats) lose the election the medical coverage that voters depend on will end.   Of course, they will promise fixes and more funding in the healthcare system.  This link show what the British liberals say at election time.

Obama-care is not about health.  It’s about creating a socialist-Democrat dynasty in the United States!

Not Compatible With Open Borders

Free medical care and open borders are not compatible.   Illegal aliens from the Caribbean, Central American, and South America will stream into the U.S.  

The U.S. cannot fund a national health care system and a strong military.   This has been the case in Europe where our NATO allies have all but pulled the plug on their military machines.   There are hints that emaciating the military is one of the objectives of the socialists who support Obama-care.

Risky Lifestyles Will Cost Taxpayers

America is a nation of millions of people living risky lifestyles. Whether it is obesity, drug use, or promiscuous and deviant (and now legal) sexual activities, many of these Americans will need long-term medical care, paid for by the taxpayers who have lived non-risky life styles.

Many of  the people, who exercise their “First Amendment rights” and mark their bodies with hideous tattoos, may one day face the the consequences.  Hepatitis C and other viral diseases will require years and thousands of dollars of treatment.  LINK to the Mayo Clinic.

Here is what I see Obama-care will introduce:

  • Abortions on demand will be paid for by public funding.   LINK
  • Obama says illegal aliens will be denied Obama-care.  That’s may or may not be correct right now.  However, aliens can become eligible for medical care with a sweep of Obama’s hand through a presidential executive order or amnesty.  However, one research service believes that HR-3200 (The House Obama-care bill.) does not exclude illegal aliens.  LINK
  • If amnesty is extended to illegal aliens, they will immediately sponsor into this country their extended families.  Estimates are that this will add another 120 million people eligible for HC into the U.S.  LINK
  • The number of uninsured in the U.S. has been claimed to be as high as 94 million and as low as 47 million.  The actual number is far less, according to the census.   LINK to the Heritage Foundation. Link to image.
  • Whatever the real number of uninsured is, it will create a shortage of doctors, nurses, and hospital space.  
  • Cost of a socialized medicine is far under-estimated.  Even the Congressional Budget office confirms that the costs will be much much more than the Obama Regime claims. Link to CBO  LINK
  • Access to medical care will be rationed or even denied if it is deemed to be too expensive.
  • Elderly citizens, who believe now that they are entitled to healthcare, will be denied because their lives will be determined to be too expensive to maintain.   Rationing is the norm in the United Kingdom and every other nation where socialized medicine is.
  • Cancer patients will not be denied health insurance, but costs and rationing will cause Obama-care to denied to them the newest medicines and treatments if it is too expensive or not authorized.  LINK
  • Current Medicare users will be squeezed.  Obama-Care will cut $150 billion from Medicare Advantage.  LINK
  • The Congressional Budget Office estimates that seniors will pay 20% more for drugs under Obama-care.  LINK
  • Government sanctioned, doctor assisted suicide will become routine.
  • Doctors who were enthusiastic about helping mankind will slowly become crushed and lose enthusiasm under the bureaucracy.  LINK
  • One plan to provide health care for only the uninsured is bogus because those who have insurance will drop it to get “free” healthcare.  After all,  they will correctly reason that they are paying for it.
  • Businesses who provide healthcare will be taxed to pay for those not on healthcare.  These business may choose to drop their HC and tell employees to jump to the public option.
  • Many of those who are uninsured have chosen not to pay for health insurance for various reasons.  Some are wealthy and would pay for medical care out of pocket.  Those more affluent taxpayers will probably jump  in and out of the health care system, depending on their own wishes.

Look At Socialized Med In Canada, U.K.

No one knows the future, but we can look at countries where socialized medicine is used today. 

These health care systems are in chaos!  For example:

  • Thirsty patients drink water from flower vases in the United Kingdom.  LINK
  • U.K. mums give birth in toilets, corridors, elevators, and offices because there are no rooms.  LINK
  • System-wide, the U.K. National Healthcare System (NHS) is short of qualified midwives.  There are almost no OB-GYN births in the U.K.  British mums get midwives, many from third-world countries.
  • Some 1,000 deaths one year alone in NHS were caused by the superbug MRSA.  LINK
  • Ants, cockroaches, rats cause infections in U.K. NHS hospitals and clinics.  LINK
  • Filthy U.K. hospitals threatened with closure. LINK
  • Patients become angry and frustrated over appallingly filthy hospitals.  One lady patient was so appalled that she cleaned up her own ward while plugged into an IV.  LINK
  • Disillusioned nurses are sometimes cruel to patients.  LINK
  • U.K. hospitals still have wards and open bays.  Space problems causes men and women to be put in the same wards!  This has been reported in the British press.  LINK
  • Patient care is deplorable in some cases.  LINK LINK
  • The Canadian HC system is about to implode.  This was reported on the Fox News Channel.  Canadians are crossing over the U.S. border to get HC. LINK LINK LINK

The list goes on. 

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