Friday, January 27, 2012

Frightening Video About Islam Taking Over Our Schools

This video was e-mailed to the InkDemon by David Batson of the Texas Tea Party Alliance.  The e-mail contained the following message:

This is frightening so watch the entire video.

This is a very telling lecture. It hits at the root of what is happening in American Universities, and what is happening to our culture.

This fight is as real and costly as any combat this nation has been through in the past. The battlefield is non-conventional, but so are the methods of our enemies.

Please take the time to listen.  You will have to suffer a short commercial. (end of e-mail)

Passionate oratory about what is wrong with our schools and America!

The InkDemon says:

Why in the HELL can't CONSERVATIVES have more speakers like this!  All the InkDemon sees in Tea Party meetings are empty suits giving Power Points!   The unions and the radicals have speakers who project passion LIKE THIS SPEAKER!   The Tea Party has empty suit-ed geeks with Power Points!  ZZZZZZZ!

In our presidential elections, we have substituted very-structured,  mind-numbing debates and 20-second "infomercials" for passionate oratory!

IF we have no passion for what we believe, then we will SOON be ruled by THEM!  Why?  Because THEY have passion.

Does anyone remember George W. Bush (Bushy Baby) speaking to a Joint Session of Congress after 9/11?  The InkDemon expected a speech like Franklin Roosevelt's Day of Infamy speech.  Instead we got Bushy Baby very effeminately saying, "Islam is a religion of peace."

The InkDemon expected to hear a leader slam his fist on the podium and declare total war!   Instead we got a bushy-tailed Bushy Baby defending Islam!

We've been told that this is a very small group in the Muslims of the world.  A lie told 10,000 times becomes the "truth"!

Obama is not a Muslim ... Obama is not a Muslim ... Obama is not a Muslim ....

When we elect a neo-conservative RINO to the presidency, he or she will never rescind the presidential executive orders of the previous radical liberal president.  Bushy Baby never rescinded the Clinton presidential executive orders.  Mitt Romney, "Slick" Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich will not rescind Obama's radical executive orders.   Only Ron Paul says he will rescind all of the Obama executive orders on the first day.  Ron Paul will never be elected.  Where are we going from here?

We're going to Hell in a Power Point!

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