Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why we should not watch the media

This is why we should not rely on the media for information.

It is unreliable. Most people do not get their information from the news media anyway.  They get it from the following:

  • Comedy shows
  • Late night television
  • Day Time soap operas
  • Three-minute news segments during the day.
  • Their “friends”
  • Their union boss or union steward  or union publication
  • Sit coms
  • Movies

What has the media created?

Many – probably most – men spend much of their time drinking beer and watching ESPN.  They don’t know anything.  Older men want entitlements to pay for the medical bills they created by abusive, compulsive, obsessive, and risky lifestyles.

Women want entitlements because they are mostly (YES! mostly) unmarried and have a family to raise.  Younger women want entitlements because they are afraid they will get pregnant and will need money for an abortion or medical bills for STD’s. They love to party, get tattoos and have sex. The poster child for this group is  Casey Anthony. They believe they are not getting a “fair shake” in the labor market, and they want the government to make it up somehow.

White Christians believe voting liberal is not WWJD, but WJWD.   (What Jesus Would Do.)   They have some crazy mixed up theological ideal.  They have no idea what Christianity really is.  They want to send our sons to fight over a pile of rocks in Israel.  They don't think about the consequences.  They don’t believe it may be their sons.  They don’t think past WJWD.  As far as redistribution and entitlements are concerned, isn’t that WJWD?  Of course!

Minorities want entitlements because they don’t want to work when they don’t have to.  They have been told and believe that their backs and their hard work created the whites’ wealth.  Now, they want it to be redistributed.  After all, that’s what they have been promised?

The Ant and the GrasshopperStudents and young people have been politically corrected in school.  They somehow believe they are the “99 percent” and everyone else is the “1 percent”.   After all, they never learned math in school.  They were too busy being politically corrected, smoking dope, listening to MTV, thinking about sex, and watching sports to think about the future or the Constitution

It’s like the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper.  It doesn't register with  them.  They cannot read anyway!  They live in a Tele-Visual universe.  The only morality tales they know were spoon fed to them on MTV, the movies, and ESPN.

They all will get what they want too … at least for a while.

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