Sunday, April 19, 2009

BHO, Hugo Good Buds Now!

Hugo Chavez, the Colombian dictator, and BHO are good buds now.   First they do the black power handshake then Hugo baby brings BHO a book to read.  ( if BHO is not enough doctrinaire now!)   Only a few weeks ago, Hugo baby called BHO an ignoramus.  The Fox News Channels said they shook hands three times!

Democratic pollster Doug Shoen on FNC Sunday morning says that BHO's action was big a mistake.  "It was a huge win for Hugo Chavez and a defeat for America!" he said.

Here is an idiot that has embarrassed former American president.  He has cozied up to the Russians.  The Colombians played war games with the Russian navy.   Shoen said that Chavez has helped drug trafficing into the United States.  Now BHO shakes hands.   That was a big mistake!

Reality check!  If your president is a former crack head, then maybe he sees nothing wrong with scumbags like Chavez.  

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