Friday, April 10, 2009

What is a Madrasah?

What is a Madrasah? Check out this link.

A Madrasah is a school. Obama said he attended a religious school. What religion? it was Islamic. What do they teach in an Islamic school? Perhaps one thing they teach in an Islamic school is "who your king is". Could that "king" be the keeper of the "sacred" relics of all Islam in Mecca and Medina?

Obama attended a Islamic school as a boy in Indonesia. That's in his book. Fast forward to 2009 at the G-20 summit in April and BHO meets the Saudi Arabian King. What does a man who has been well-schooled do? He bows to his king!

This blogger heard Obama tell an audience that he became a Christian when he moved to the Southside of Chicago. That was 20 years ago? What was he before that? Does Obama's deep, deep bow give any indication?

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Just words that's all it means
Medrasah means Muslim school

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