Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Conservatives Largest Ideological Group

It’s true!  Conservatives voters are the largest ideological group in American politics, so says the Gallup Poll.

What about liberals?  Those Americans who say they are liberal only make up 21% of the voters.  Some 35% say they are moderate and that is why politics is so mixed up in this country.

Click here to see the Gallup’s web site.

The bottom line according to Gallup:

Although the terms may mean different things to different people, Americans readily peg themselves, politically, into one of five categories along the conservative-to-liberal spectrum. At present, large minorities describe their views as either moderate or conservative -- with conservatives the larger group -- whereas only about one in five consider themselves liberal.

While these figures have shown little change over the past decade, the nation appears to be slightly more polarized than it was in the early 1990s. Compared with the 1992-1994 period, the percentage of moderates has declined from 42% to 35%, while the percentages of conservatives and liberals are up slightly -- from 38% to 40% for conservatives and a larger 17% to 21% movement for liberals.

Conservatives can take heart and liberals like BHO should note these figures, too.

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