Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is significant about June 23?

June 23 is a big day in the POTUS BHO’s regime.  It will be six months into his tenure; and on that day the economic calamity will be BHO’s alone!

To compound that fact, the unemployment rate is heading to surpass 10 percent.  No matter how BHO and the liberal Democrats can spin, the economy belongs to the young, inexperience man who had an answer for everything during the 2008 presidential campaign.

First, he promised that if Congress passed HIS stimulus package, the recovery will on its way.  It was all to save jobs.  Then as the unemployment continued to climb, BHO & Co. started talking about how many jobs he “saved”.  The jobs saved is a mythical fiction that no one can quantify.

One figure he won’t be able to run away from is the 10% plus unemployment which will be announced this mouth just in time for his six-month “anniversary”.

Its BHO’s baby now.   CLICK HERE to read more from Bloomberg.

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