Thursday, June 18, 2009

My questions on socialized healthcare

It appears that socialized healthcare under the Obama regime is here.  People want it.  It’s only a matter time when the law is passed.

NEW Developments:

  • Democrats and the Obama regime will roll out the Obama-Care bill in August. Source: FNC.
  • Karl Rove says GOP can stop it.  Read it on the Wall Street Journal.  CLICK HERE
  • Obama-care may cost as much as $1.6 trillion.  Source: Fox News Business Channel

All indications are that the Democrats and the Obama regime will pass the multi-trillion dollar law without any idea how to fund it.   That’s not surprising when you think about Obama has already passed a budget without a taxes to fund it.

But let’s think about healthcare here in the U.S.  It is a terrible mess in the United Kingdom (England) where socialized medicine has been the law of the land for decades.  The U.K.’s population has relatively fewer immigrants and people living risky life styles. 

Waiting lines for vital procedures are routine in the U.K.  Hospitals are still using the ward system.   Private and semi-private rooms are not available for ordinary citizens.  In some cases, both men and women share the same ward. 

All the healthcare in the U.K. is underfunded.   Salaries for nurses are so low that they routinely recruit these healthcare professionals from third world countries.

Healthcare for the elderly is withheld or limited in the U.K..  The elderly need more healthcare than any group, yet it is rationed for this group.   Let’s be honest here.   There is not enough money to give every American first class health care.  My predictions is that healthcare here will be rationed like it is in the U.K.

I also predict that illegal aliens will be streaming in from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia to get access to our “free” healthcare.

Given all the people with HIV, given all the people living risky lifestyles, given all the people whose tattoos will manifest itself as hepatitis C/D in the future, given all the sexual transmitted diseases,  given all the new citizens who will sponsor their elderly parents into this country, my question is what will be left for the citizens who have paid taxes all their lives?

Wake up people!  This is insanity!

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