Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BHO Policy Dealt Another Blow

POTUS ObowMA’s Iranian policy has been dealt another blow. 

POTUS said he would hold unconditional, unilateral talks with Iranian madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  So far POTUS has not had a chance to bow to another the Muslim leader, but Ahmadinejad fired off  a shot across ObowMA’s bow today by launching another missile capable to carrying a nuclear warhead into Israel or any American base in the area. 

Read this Associated Press article.

Another ObowMA campaign promise went down the drain yesterday.  He has finally admitted that there is no place to put the Gitmo terrorist detainees.  Congress delivered a smashing defeat to ObowMA Gitmo policy. The Congress refused to allow the Gitmo terrorists to be moved to the U.S.  

None of the Euros want the Gitmo detainees.  Their native or host countries don’t want this trash either.  So what is the alternative to Gitmo?  Nothing and now BHO knows it! 

Nina Eason, Fortune Magazine editor and Fox New analysts, said that ObowMA had assumed the ACLU view of the world and has been brought back to reality. 

Talk is cheap and ObowMA is a cheap talker.

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