Monday, May 11, 2009

Now that the election is over…

On Friday, May 8, the Vatican sharply criticized the University of Notre Dame’s plan to honor POTUS O-bow-MA.   POTUS is pro-abortion.  The Catholic church is anti-abortion. 

Before the election, abortion was not an issue for American Catholics.  Now that they have elected O-bow-MA, they suddenly have discovered their values!

According to the American Daily Review:

Now that the election is over all of the sudden the American Catholic Bishops discovered that abortion is an issue. Many Catholic dioceses in the United States sent out letters which left big moral loopholes prior to the election. Although they said abortion was evil many of the letters said something to the effect that overwhelming moral concerns might override a single issue. To maintain tax exempt status, religious organizations are not allowed to mention candidates by name in giving an endorsement but they are allowed to give guidance to conduct in accordance with belief.

For years now, hundreds of elected “Catholics”, from Senator Ted Kennedy to local aldermen in big cities, have been given a bye on the issue of abortion by the organized Catholic community. The reality is that the Catholic Church in America has for some time given politicians a free hand on abortion in the hopes that other programs like welfare would be preserved.

This blogger applauds that the Catholics have been awaken.  But this blogger wonders why all the abortionists who happen to be Catholics are getting a free pass?

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