Monday, May 18, 2009

ObowMA Continues to Spew Divisiveness

POTUS ObowMA continues to spew divisiveness in his speeches.  He spoke Sunday, May 17, at the commencement at the University of Notre Dame.

Everyone knew ObowMA, who is pro-abortion, would be controversial.  The Catholic Church is Pro-Life.  How can these two philosophies be reconciled?  They cannot, of course.

But ObowMA somehow thinks they can.  Just listen to his speech in the YouTube video I embedded in this blog.  He urged people who believe that taking a life is a moral sin to accept those who do not.  How can these two side come together?  Talk is cheap and ObowMA’s is just a cheap talker.  

One YouTube response stated it best:

…choosing to kill an innocent life is wrong. If a woman "chooses" to have sex, then how can she then "choose" to kill the product of her first choice? She can't morally.

The debate rages on and cannot be solved by forcing one segment of the society to pay for and accept the immoral code of another segment of society.

The only “solution” is to declare abortion illegal and let those who want to murder, do so upon penalty of prosecution if they are caught.  It would in a way equivalent to consuming alcohol during prohibition.  The only difference, it would have the same penalty as murder.   These murders would be hard to detect.  Those communities who want to pursue it could do so. Local juries who cannot or will not vote to convict an abortionist or a woman who had one can vote to acquit.

One response on YouTube really flabbergasts me.  He wrote:

I’m Catholic and pro-life, and I support Obama 100%

Therein lies the irrational, maniacal thinking that propelled POTUS ObowMA to the White House. (eyes roll)

This YouTube response stated it well:

Obama---He's not intelligent enough to speak his mind. See, Barack Obama doesn't WANT people to know what he REALLY thinks. This is why he "uh's" all over himself when OFF-prompter. He has to calculate his words very carefully to keep the lies effectively in place and accepted by the masses. Listen to ANY other intelligent person speak. They can speak in complete sentences while articulating their true beliefs. This is impossible for our president because he's [perpetuating]  a fraud.

ObowMA’s Notre Dame Speech

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