Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Glance at British, Canadian Healthcare

No one knows the future if Obama-care is forced on Americans, but we can look at countries where socialized medicine is used today.

These health care systems are in chaos or are being increasingly draconian to cut costs!  For example:

  • Terminally ill elderly are being forced to die prematurely in the United Kingdom. LINK

  • Thirsty patients drink water from flower vases in the United Kingdom.  LINK

  • U.K. mums give birth in toilets, corridors, elevators, and offices because there are no rooms.  LINK

  • System-wide, the U.K. National Healthcare System (NHS) is short of qualified midwives.  There are almost no OB-GYN births in the U.K.  British mums get midwives, many from third-world countries.

  • Some 1,000 deaths one year alone in NHS were caused by the superbug MRSA.  LINK

  • Ants, cockroaches, rats cause infections in U.K. NHS hospitals and clinics.  LINK

  • Filthy U.K. hospitals threatened with closure. LINK

  • Patients become angry and frustrated overappallingly filthy hospitals.  One lady patient was so appalled that she cleaned up her own ward while plugged into an IV. LINK

  • Disillusioned nurses are sometimes cruel to patients.  LINK

  • U.K. hospitals still have wards and open bays.  Space problems causes men and women to be put in the same wards!  This has been reported in the British press.  LINK

  • Patient care is deplorable in some cases. LINK LINK

  • The Canadian HC system is about to implode.  This was reported on the Fox News Channel.  Canadians are crossing over the U.S. border to get HC. LINK LINK LINK

The list goes on.

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  1. It's true that there are lots of horror stories that come out of the British National Health Service, and they're always gleefully (but rightly) picked up on by the right-wing elements of the press.
    But it should be remembered that a similarly hostile press could quite easily find equally hair-raising horror stories in the US healthcare system.
    Did you know there is actually a British-led charity (Remote Area Medical - google it) that provides free healthcare to poor Americans from travelling medical clinics. If it all sounds a bit Third World, maybe it's because the charity was actually founded to bring medical relief to a poor South American nation, but has since diverted resources to the huge reservoir of need further north...
    In a developed country like the United States, isn't that a cause for deep shame?
    The point is, neither system is perfect; both have their very real problems.
    The UK system needs US-style efficiency, while the US system needs more UK-style access and inclusivity.


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