Thursday, September 24, 2009

How many troops will Obama send?

General McCrystal reportedly asked for 40,000 more troops to keep the situation in Afghanistan from deteriorating.

Take the poll at the right.  Tell the InkDemon how many troops will Obama send to save Afghanistan.

Give us your best guess based on what you know about Obama.


  1. Obama is a pacifist. He has no stomach for fighting for freedom. To appease his left-wing, radical fringe base, he will do the unthinkable and cut and run. America will be viewed as untrustworthy, weak, undependable. This is one more "change" that this narcissist brings to America. He is a disgrace to the office of president. When you compare him to the brave soldiers fighting for us, he is unworthy to serve and no fighting soldier should have to obey his orders.

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  3. Obama has reversed himself on the CIA waterboarding probe. He turned chicken against Russia over the radar defense, thus leaving our allies high and dry. So why would any believe he will stand or send someone else to fight in Afghanistan? Obama said Afghanistan was a "good" war. Unfortunately, Obama does not care about spilling American blood. That makes Obama a bloody liar.

  4. However many the focus groups recommend that he sends.


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