Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KennedyCare: funds for ACORN, Trial Lawyers


Federal Funding for ACORN in KennedyCare Legislation

Last week, we told you how Obama’s tanking approval ratings were hanging like an anvil tied around the ObamaCare legislation, dooming it to a near-certain failure. So, the liberals were quick to adapt, and called it KennedyCare with the hopes of capitalizing on all of the good will and around-the-clock media coverage that engulfed the airwaves for the past few days.

So, why are congressional liberals so hell-bent on passing a wildly unpopular, government-run health care program? Because to them, it’s not even about health care anymore!

House Minority Leader John Boehner has uncovered explosive new revelations. You won’t believe what’s contained within the bill – it’s LOADED with special interest projects!

So, the liberals are desperate to pass their bill so as to bring home more power to the unions, trial lawyers and THIS:

Page 95; Section 205 – The bill directs the “Health Choices Commissioner” to conduct outreach activities, including through the use of outside organizations such as ACORN and others, to reach out and enroll exchange-eligible individuals and employers.

ACORN?! Unreal. Had enough?

How about this little nugget?

Page 53; Section 154 – The bill ensures that the new federal health care program will set a floor (but not a ceiling) for health care negotiations for unionized employers.  The legislation cannot be construed to excuse them from good-faith bargaining over health care benefits.  Furthermore, it will not permit unionized employers to unilaterally drop health coverage of its employees in favor of shunting them into the government-run plan or simply paying the penalty associated with not offering health care benefits to workers. 

Can you believe it?!

With this bill, the liberals are intent on giving everyone power EXCEPT the taxpayers!

While you and I work each day, diligently paying the taxes that will foot this bill, the liberals in Congress have turned this bill into a playground for labor unions!

There’s more – this time it’s a nice kickback for trial lawyers:

Pages 533-551; Section 1412 – The bill requires the Comptroller General of the U.S. to conduct a study examining: “(A) the extent to which corporations that own or operate large numbers of nursing facilities … are undercapitalizing such facilities; (B) the effects of such undercapitalization on quality of care, including staffing and food costs, at such facilities; (C) options to address such undercapitalization, such as requirements relating to surety bonds, liability insurance, or minimum capitalization.”  This provision primarily benefits trial lawyers who sue nursing homes.

Have you had enough yet?

This is what the liberals envision as KennedyCare. That’s some legacy to leave him, huh?

No matter how you feel about Sen. Kennedy, naming a pork-laden, special interest bill in his name is just plain wrong.

Yet, congressional liberals will stop at nothing until they can pay back their valued constituencies, no matter what the price – paid by YOU, the taxpayer.

Enough is enough. It’s time to put an end to Obama/Kennedy/GovernmentCare for GOOD.


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